Saturday, August 2, 2014

The White Buffalo

The white buffalo is the unattainable thing that you want more than anything. The one thing that no matter how much you strive to reach, you can never quite obtain. Sometimes these are unrealistic goals, but many times it is something that you can reach.

Today I saw an article on talking about the Dallas Cowboys sending season tickets out just as every other team does, but they also sent out tickets for playoff games including a possibly NFC Championship game. They haven't made the playoffs in several years. This is a business decision to make things easier IF they make the playoffs, and other teams are likely to follow suit. Most are seeing it as unwarranted optimism for a team that looks more likely to be in the running for the number 1 pick in the 2015 draft. One comment on the article asked, "Did they include a voucher to have their picture taken with a unicorn?"

The article made me think of my goals and aspirations. I must admit that it made me feel good to make fun of the Cowboys for a minute as a Redskins fan, but the optimism towards the upcoming season is not something to completely disregard. We all have things we want that are just out of reach. We all work towards goals that may or may not be within reach. Some of us will succeed, some will fail. I have to believe that I will succeed.

We keep going hoping that one day we will reach our white buffalo. We must keep that optimism to keep going. The struggle is eternal, and it takes hard work to make progress towards our goals. The trials you must go through will discourage you from continuing on your path. Sometimes it will force you to take another path that you never considered before. You must adapt to the challenge, and never EVER give up. The only guaranteed way to fail is to stop trying.

I will ride my white buffalo, and it will be glorious. If I decide to, I might even get my picture taken with a unicorn. I hope you all will be there with me when it happens.

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