Thursday, August 7, 2014

Football is BACK!

If you don't like football then you can go ahead and skip this blog article. I don't know what you were thinking clicking that link anyway. Football is in the title of the blog post! I freaking love football.  American football.  Not the short shorts running around kicking a round ball back and forth until the announcer gets overly excited because someone happened to accidently score to break up the monotony. My favorite team is the Washington Redskins. As I type this they are playing the Patriots, and so far I'm liking what I am seeing. They are dominating the game so far.

Let's talk about what excites me about the Redskins this season. First off our offense looks like it's going to be scary good. It's still going to revolve around our workhorse Alfred Morris. It's a travesty that he doesn't get more credit or recognition for the work he does. Pierre Garcon led the league in receptions last year, and now we have a credible deep threat in Desean Jackson on the other side. The team also picked up Andre Roberts to take over the slot position that Santana Moss has held down for so long. Roberts is one of the better slot receivers in the league. As if that wasn't enough, Jordan Reed is back and healthy. He's a wide receiver in a tight end's body, and he was on his way towards a break out season before an injury ended it. The draft also brought in more offensive lineman which are always needed. The stronger the offensive line is, the more points we will score this year. We have more weapons than we know what to do with. Aldrick Robinson has looked like a beast every time he's gotten a chance to play, but so far he hasn't been able to break into the lineup. Maybe he can beat out Andre Roberts for that slot position?

I hear a lot of trash talk about the Redskins defense, but if you look at the stats they weren't as bad as most people seem to think. Deangelo Hall had the best season of his carreer and didn't make the Pro Bowl for some inexplicable reason. If you crunch the numbers and look at all the analytics then you will find that he was one of the best cornerbacks in the league last year. All the numbers I have looked at ranked him firmly as the 2nd best cornerback last year. Higher than many of the bigger name cornerbacks that come up when you mention top CBs in the league. I'm not saying that he's a better cornerback overall, but last year he played like it. He also rarely gets mentioned as being even a top 10 cornerback which baffles me. He has become a much better CB than his earlier years playing with other teams. Kerrigan and Orakpo is one of the best duos in the league at outside linebacker. Everyone seems to know this. Kerrigan looks more and more impressive every time I see him play. The biggest offseason addition is going to be Jason Hatcher. The line has been missing a guy that can put pressure on the QB up front since Carriker got injured three years ago. Hatcher will fill that void nicely. Rounding out the defense is David Ammerson and our safties. Ammerson played pretty well for a rookie, but hopefully with another year under his belt he will improve on what was a decent rookie season. Our safties played terrible last year. I'm hoping that someone will emerge at safty, OR that our improved pass rush will make them less of a factor.

Now with football comes Fantasy Football! I have won at least 1 fantasy football league the past 6 years. I usually come home with a little extra cash because of it. Also going back to 1990 I have been able to predict at least 1 team in the Superbowl during the preseason almost every year. There have only been 3 years where I missed both participants in the past 24. Before the preseason ends I'm going to post my predictions for the season, and share some of my mock drafts.

One last note before I go to watch the TMNT movie. Colt Mccoy is playing for the Redskins as a 3rd stringer. I feel like he has gotten a bad deal since he got booted out of the starting QB job in Cleveland. He played well on a terrible team and hasn't gotten a real shot since then. It's nice to see him still working, and he's playing well even if it is with the 3rd stringers. I could go on and on about football forever as you will probably see as the season continues, but I don't want to miss the next movie showtime!

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