Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Good, the Twitter, and the Scary Monsters

The Good

I am liking this new direction that I have decided to take on my blog. I have finished editing a couple of chapters in my novel within the past few days without interrupting what I like to do normally within the course of my life. I shared a quote from the last chapter I was working on last night on twitter which is something I plan to continue doing.

I went to see the movie A Most Wanted Man yesterday, and I would recommend it if you enjoy slow developing spy thrillers. I enjoyed it immensely. Rachael Mcadams is also very nice to look at. She is one of my favorite actresses. All guys have a list of famous women who they would do all sorts of craziness to get next to. She would definitely be in my top 10.

The Twitter

There have been two topics lately that have been blowing up my twitter feed. The first is the whole Amazon/Hachette sumo match. They have both put on their inflatable sumo suits on, and are commencing to battle each other for the dollars! Really Hachette is trying to keep control over ebook prices to keep them higher. Why they would do this remains unclear. Perhaps it is because they make more money off of their dead tree books, and wish to delay the inevitable switch to digital that is already taking place. Amazon has crunched the numbers and determined that they make more money when ebooks are sold at a price of $9.99 or lower.

Both sides of this arguement are asking for support and getting it from various authors. Authors who are signed on with Hachette are supporting them or keeping silent. Their paychecks are being effected, so it's in their best interests to have this resolved as quickly as possible. Amazon doesn't understand Hachette's stance because they see it as a win/win/win scenario. Amazon makes more money off of ebooks, Hachette makes more money off of ebooks, and the readers get lower ebook prices so they can buy more ebooks. It's easy to side with Amazon in this public argument when they are pushing for something that is good for consumers, even if it is for selfish reasons. I buy mostly self published books, and they are usually priced from free to $5. I really don't care who wins this negotiation too much. Hachette is only hurting themselves and their authors with their continued fight against the growing trend. To them I suggest that you adapt to the times, or you will end up losing more than you can afford to.

The second verbal pillowfight that has been commencing on twitter is about Israel/Palestine/Gaza strip fighting. Apparently there are some Palestinian sympathizers that are fighting against backers of Israel. Frothing at the mouth has ensued. A lot of the argument has to do with ignorant people being misinformed by partisan media. Do your research before you start stating what appear to be "facts". They may not be as true as you think they are. There are others who are just trolling to cause an outrage from those who support Isreal. I suggest that you don't feed the trolls, it's not worth your time or energy.

The Scary Monsters

I've been watching a show called Unsealed: Conspiracy Files on Netflix lately. It's a laughable show. They have put together a bunch of possible conspiracies with guest speakers who talk about what could possibly be happening. They present it like a 20/20 show with fast changing pictures that present the "truth". What makes it laughable is the severe lack of hard evidence they have to back their claims. Most of the evidence they provide is second hand witness testimonial, but they don't actually provide evidence for most of it. They show computer generated case files that are now "unsealed" then have a narrator guide you through what they want to tell you. It's almost as misleading as Fox News.

Don't worry my friends. These monsters can't hurt you. Just like Godzilla, Zombies, Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, and King Kong these monsters aren't real. The One Direction Apocalypse is coming though. I'm prepared for it, I have Duct Tape.

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