Thursday, May 8, 2014


Rated R / 1 hr 36 min / Comedy

What is it about?

Seth Rogan and his wife have sunk all their money into their home, and have a newborn baby. The house nextdoor is for sale, and they are hoping for some nice new neighbors. What they get instead is a frat moving in next door. The frat guys seem nice enough. They are invited in to party with the frat guys when they first come over to complain about the noise. The frat boys only ask that they call if the party is too loud before calling the police. They try to call the next time, but there is no answer after four calls. Then they call the police. The frat guys then declare war.

You will like it if...

You like revenge comedies with college student antics. Revenge of the Nerds comes to mind. There are quite a few laughs throughout. The frat guys are all taken to the silliest extremes. Seth Rogan somehow stumbles through the movie while not being funny, but is still likeable. I'm not sure how he pulls it off. I love Rose Byrne in this movie also. When the laughs aren't coming, the scheming and partying keeps the movie interesting. I went in not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised.

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