Sunday, August 10, 2014

Conspiracies, Spies, and Authors

First off I want to thank a few of my friends who have supported me in my efforts lately. I have felt a bit down the past few days and any encouragement that they can offer is greatly appreciated. I also wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to several of my friends who have birthdays around this time of year. I might not have been able to wish each of you a happy birthday personally, but I hope you all know you can call on me anytime you want to talk.

OK enough of that jibba jabba. I just wanted to type up a quick update on a few of the shows I've been watching on Netflix. Why? Because of cotton candy that's why!?!


I love watching documentaries about conspiracies. I'm not really a conspiracy theorist or anything of the sort, but I like to explore how these things happen. It's interesting how people can see the facts based on their assumptions, many of which may or may not be true. This goes for the conspiracy theorists and the people trying to disprove the conspiracies as well. It would make things so much easier if the official report were not riddled with errors, but the chances of that are just about nil. People are going to make mistakes.

I recently watched a documentary titled '9/11 Science And Conspiracy' which is another interesting look into the 9/11 tragedy, but this one is a bit unique. It tries to use science to disprove the main conspiracy theories surrounding the event. It then takes this evidence and presents it to some of the biggest conspiracy theorists that have looked into the cause of the collapse of the twin towers. Some of the experiments that they run are interesting, and some of them seemed to be a complete waste of time. From a writing standpoint it's interesting for me to look at these things as an outside observer. In my novel some of the same themes are used, so I look at it partially as research. See? There's a reason to listed to the crazy people sometimes if you write about crazies or happen to be crazy yourself!


Another documentary titled 'Spies of Mississippi' was very interesting. It deals with the state government forming a secret agency that is trying to infiltrate the civil rights movement. The kicker is that most of the spies that were recruited and paid were also black. It's crazy how some people in this world will sell out others like that. Especially when it is against their best interests to do so. I'm looking at you Tea Party. Even after being caught and called out on it, some of these people deny being spies for the government. It's a dark blemish on American history, and an interesting show to watch.


This time I watched a movie *gasp*. Why would I do such a thing? The movie is titled 'Authors Anonymous' starring Cris Kline. You know that guy that looks kinda like Channing Tatum but more soft spoken and nerdy from the American Pie movies but has done just about nothing with his acting career since then? It's also got the girl from Big Bang Theory. You know Blondie Mcwhatsherface. I could look it up but this is a B movie and I'm not doing a review and stop looking at me like that.. I don't care OK? Anyway the movie is about a writing group which makes me think.. maybe I should join a writer's group, or organize one, or plot to take over the world.. One of those. So one of the writers in the group (Blondie) is signed by a publisher and the rest of the group starts trying to compete with each other for bragging rights or some other such nonsense. My favorite character is the old guy that refers to himself in the 3rd person. He goes through some crazy stuff. The movie is worth watching simply for what he goes through while trying to self publish through what seems like a vanity press.

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