Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Turning Up The Heat

It's time to turn up the heat litterally! I came home from work yesterday and the air conditioning was broken where I live. Massive sadfaces followed. I had to fight them off with a flyswatter!  It took many hours to battle the sadface army, but in the end I was successful. The downside is that I was not able to type up a post yesterday. Don't encourage the sadface army to return though. I broke my flyswatter, and would have to fight them off a ShyGuy figurine. They're not nearly a vicious as their Mario 2 counterparts.
ShyGuy reference:

Getting Warmer

The other night I watched a movie titled "The Conspiracy" on Netflix that I enjoyed quite thoroughly. It's a found footage / mockumentary type movie. It follows two guys making a documentary about people who come up with conspiracy theories. One of their interview subjects disappears in the middle of making the documentary. They become concerned, and do their best to track the guy down. In the process they get drawn into the last conspiracy the theorist was investigating. I'm using secret CIA mind control techniques to make you watch this movie now!

On Fire

I have been having a lot of vivid dreams lately that I plan to turn into stories or parts of stories eventually. I was starting to wonder what might these dreams mean, so I started looking into dream interpretation sites. Some of these dreams have just been strange to say the least. I'm not sure how long it may take me to write all of these stories. I have had to start writing all of these ideas down in a dream journal. I would definitely recommend this for any author. It's actually helpful to carry anything you can to record your ideas when they may happen to pop in your head. Carrier pigeons, tattoo needles, even fingerpainting could be useful for such purposes. What? You want to use paper? Bah!
Dream interpretation link:

I Spit Hot Fire

I'm starting to get a good grasp on where my story Grim is now going. I have really enjoyed writing the last two chapters. I feel like the story is really coming together. I recently posted the tenth chapter of that story on Wattpad. You can read it here: I have also been having similar success with editing my novel. I hope this continues for the forseeable future! Let me get my crystal ball and see...

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