Monday, September 1, 2014

Lazy Days

The past few days have been lazy days for me. I haven't felt like doing much, so I have been watching a lot of Netflix, playing video games, and occaisionally playing some free poker. I just wanted to check in to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you all. I have just needed a bit of a break from everything. Everyone needs a break from time to time.

Attack on Titan

Are any of you fans of Anime? Then you have probably already seen Attack on Titan. The first season is available on Netflix, and I binge watched it recently. The hopelessness this series shows is unlike anything you see in other shows. Just when you start to build up hope for the humans, something screwed up happens to ruin it. Lots of freaking out and people being eaten by large human-like monsters. This is one of the better anime series I have watched.

Orange Is The New Black

I am enjoying this Netflix original show. I was hesitant to start watching it. It didn't look like something I would enjoy, but I gave it a try anyway. I am freaking loving this show. It's a show about a blonde woman who is sent to prison for smuggling drug money once for her ex-girlfriend who was a part of a drug trafficking ring ten years ago. The relationships between the characters in this show feel so real. All of the characters seem like real people with real problems. Their hopes and dreams pulling everyone along in different directions. The women are less violent, but more manipulative through the course of this show. Some of the crisis moments seem trivial, but with nothing else to take up their time even the smallest thing can seem so important. This is something you have to watch if you have Netflix. It ranks right up there with House of Cards. I'm going to have to check out every Netflix original program they come out with. I hope they are all this good.


I went to see this movie yesterday. The preview made it out to be more of a crime thriller than it actually was. It was still an interesting movie, but a bit slower paced than I would have liked. It starts off with a man threatening to kill a priest at confession. From the beginning you can tell who it is based on the voice, but they don't show the face. Throughout the course of the movie the characters are introduced and the script adds doubt to your initial assessment. The movie is worth picking up at Redbox if you like methodical thrillers.


Yes I finally got around to playing this fantastic game that originally came out for the Playstation 2. I got the HD remix that was made for the Playstation 3 which includes the Shadow of Collosis, and both have the option of being projected in 3D. I have a 3D TV so I love this option! I first heard about Shadow of Collosis, and was excited to play it. That was the main reason I had picked this one up. The idea of these huge monsters own bodies being the level that you have to get past seemed like something unique and interesting. I decided to play Ico first, and I think that may end up being the better game. The fighting and battles are simple and easy, but the main challenge is in the puzzles you are presented with. You play as a young boy with horns that is brought to an island to be imprisoned within a giant statue. The statue falls and you begin your escape. There is a girl that seems to be mostly made of light. You rescue her and bring her along in your adventures. She is able to open doors that you are otherwise unable to get through. It's a short game, but filled with some awesome moments. It's been months since I first purchased the game, and I just now put it in the PS3. I have been thinking about getting Destiny, but I'm not sure if it would be worth the investment when I may not take the time to play it much. What do you all think?

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