Monday, September 22, 2014

Becoming the Walrus

A quick update tonight on what has been going on in my life. I am a bit sore from playing softball. We won one of the games and lost the other. I mostly played in the game we lost unfortunately. I did OK that game, but we didn't hit as well or score as many runs. I went 2 for 2 with 2 RBIs. We won the first game 22-12 and lost the second game 5-8.


I recently finished an editing run on another chapter for my novel. I also just posted the next chapter for Grim. You can read it from the beginning here:
The latest chapter is here:


I caught up on The Black List on Netflix. I really enjoyed this show. I watched the first few episodes when it was on live TV, but quickly fell behind. I prefer to watch it all on Netflix anyway. Now I'm watching Sons of Anarchy. Let me know what you think of these shows. I'm liking both of them so far.

The Walrus

I saw two other movies over the weekend. A Walk Among The Tombstones was pretty good for a stright up crime/thriller. It didn't have as many twists and turns as I was expecting, but it was a decent movie to watch. The other movie I watched was called Tusk. That was one weird movie. I would not recommend it unless you are into B-movie horror that is unique. The reason I went to see it is that it was directed by Kevin Smith who has done some excellent or at least interesting movies. This time around I must say that I am disappointed in the result, but B horror movie afficionados might like it. It's about a man trying to transform someone else into a walrus..  not kidding.

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