Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is it Destiny?

I have always been a big fan of video games going back to the grand old Atari 2600. I have played some really great games. My favorites were always RPGs. The blending of story with characters that can be customized and progress as the story does. My first brush with the RPG was Final Fantasy.  I was a huge fan of the entire series of Final Fantasy games, and really anything that SquareSoft released for the NES and SNES.

Something changed when I went to college. I had played some FPS games before (Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Doom 2), but I wasn't addicted to them. Then I was introduced to Quake Co-Op over a LAN. That was my first experience with multiplayer that wasn't split screen. Split screen was always fun, but felt awkward. It could never replicate the same experience of the single player game. Playing over a LAN fixed all of those problems. There were problems with setting up the network, getting a group of people ready to play, and the unavoidable other technical problems that always arose back in those days. This was fun, but you could only play every once in a while.

The next time I came across Quake, a friend introduced me to Team Fortress and Mega Team Fortress. The different classes of characters brought me back to the days of Final Fantasy. The best part of it was being able to always find a game playing against real people. A full fledged multiplayer competitive game. I was hooked bigtime! I played that game a lot. I enjoyed playing pyro in Mega Team Fortress because everyone would tell me that it was a useless class and I would dominate with it when I was in the right position. I moved on briefly to Quake 3 deathmatch and Quake 3 Fortress which ate up quite a few of my hours.

The next evolution came with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which started to meld RPG elements into a FPS game. Minor upgrades to each class would be rewarded as you leveled up, but you didn't get to keep them. There was a mod that let you keep the upgrades, but then you quickly ran out of levels to run through. Then Enemy Territory: Quakewars came out and added vehicles to the mix using the same formula. Those were my next addictions that ate up my time. Nothing has taken the place of those games since then.

I have always wanted a MMO RPG/FPS game. There have been many that have taken the RPG/FPS step that have been very good (Fallout 3 and the Borderlands series). There have been a few that have tried to do the MMO FPS thing, but none that have been able to put together an enjoyable experience that lasts.

Will the next evolution be Destiny? It looks like it could be the MMO RPG/FPS game that I have always wanted. Fast paced action with a progressing storyline with cooperative and competitive gameplay options. What do you all think? Should I be playing this game?

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