Sunday, September 7, 2014

NFL 2014 - Week 1

Every week throughout the season while I watch the Redskins play, I'm going to make some comments on what's going on in the NFL. I'm going to comment on the Redskins game, write about any surprises in the league, and post my other thoughts on the day in football. So let's get started!

Redskins vs. Texans

This is a tough defensive battle so far which is what I expected. Both teams are running the ball well, and I don't see why both teams don't just feed the ball to Alfred Morris and Arian Foster. If the defense starts creeping down to put 8 in the box then you can try to stretch the field. In the second half turnovers are starting to hurt both teams with both defenses forcing fumbles within the 10 yard line.

RGIII is looking good on some short passes, but he's taking too many sacks. He's holding onto the ball too long, and not throwing the ball away before contact. He's not making quick decisions even when he has receivers wide open. RGIII is showing flashes of talent, but the Houston defense isn't giving away much of anything. In the second half RGIII is looking very sharp, but you have to take care of the football. One bad exchange with Morris cost the Redskins 7 points.

Special Teams is once again killing the Redskins. Andre Roberts is doing a great job returning the ball, but the Redskins have already had a punt and extra point blocked. They can't keep having these huge mistakes if they want to win the NFC East.

If Houston can figure out their Quarterback situation they could be very very good. Fitzpatrick could be the answer, but he is looking like he always has. Serviceable but not anything special. They obviously have the talent everywhere else to be a contender.


What is going on with the Eagles against the Jaguars?? Who is this guy Allen Hurns and where did he come from? I knew the defense for the Eagles would suck, but Jacksonville is a team they should beat. The Jags have jumped out on them 17-0. The Eagles are making a comeback in the second half. Hurns has disappeared in the second half. It'll be interesting if the Jags can hold on for the upset. Nope! A blown coverage makes for an easy TD pass to a wide open Maclin. It looks like the Eagles will survive.

Chicago is also losing to Buffalo, but that's what happens when you turn the ball over. What is surprising is that EJ Manuel so far is playing very well. 10/13 for 97 yards 1 TD and most importantly 0 turnovers. If he continues to play like that Buffalo could compete in the AFC East. EJ tossed an INT in the second half, and Chicago came back to tie the game up! Overtime! I got to see the end of the overtime, and Fred Jackson still has it at the age of 33. Buffalo holds on for the upset.

Miami beat the Patriots 33-20. It looks like this was a very sloppy game with a lot of turnovers. New England wasn't able to stop Miami's run attack with Lamar Miller and Moreno both having solid performances.

Final Thoughts

I'm not too happy with my choice of New Orleans to go to the Superbowl with their overtime loss to the Falcons. It wasn't a surprise though. The Falcons are a capable team, and if New Orleans plays sloppy and doesn't tackle they will lose to teams like Atlanta. That's it for now though! I hope you all enjoy the rest of the games this Sunday and Monday.

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