Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Encroachment of the Stories

I have been really trying to focus on finishing my novel, but it has been hard lately to make progress. It's not from lack of trying. I'm having trouble focusing on the goal because of story ideas that have been flooding into my head lately. Maybe writing about them will help me to get it out of my system, at least for the moment. So dear reader, I emplore you to pick and choose the ideas you like. I am more likely to write the ones you are interested in. That's what happened with Grim the last time I posted something like this. I wasn't as excited about Grim as some of the other story ideas, but now that I am about halfway through the first season of that serial story it is really heating up. Now I can't wait each week to type out another chapter.

Story Ideas

  1. The Takeover - This is about a character that exists within the mind of a disturbed author that causes the author to question what is real. I have heard that every time an author writes a story it is like creating a new universe which contains all of the characters in that universe. What if those characters are able to reach through and materialize in the same universe that the author exists? What if they are beings completely composed of energy like a soul, and are able to influence or take over the author's body? This is a very raw idea that I haven't quite worked out, but I think about it from time to time.
  2. The Novelty Shop - Do you remember the original Gremlins movie? The old asian man had a shop filled with exotic items that looked interesting. Imagine that, but each item in the store has a story behind it. Some items are even dangerous or have some sort of energy or mystic power about them. This kind of thing has been done before, but it is still interesting. I could easily bang out a serial story based around this idea. I only need to think of a way to link all of the stories together to make an interesting and surprising ending. My inner evil mastermind is MWAhaha-ing.
  3. Trapped - The main character is shopping in a wal-mart or some other kind of superstore. They sit down at a restaurant within the store to eat. Then they hear screaming. A man has a weapon and is threatening a woman's life. He calls for everyone's attention, and says that no one is allowed to leave or they will die. He tasks a few people including the main character to find some items within the superstore. A few of the people don't listen and try to escape. They find that the FBI/police have the place surrounded, and they are killing anyone that tries to leave. Why is this happening? Wouldn't the authorities be trying to protect the people inside? Or is there a greater threat that they are trying to eliminate?
  4. Box of Crayons Sequel - I recently thought of an interesting way to do a sequel to this short story. This time the FBI is trying to track down another serial killer that is out there. A female victim then shows up with the same candlewax over their eyes with the same designs pressed into them and their hair cut off. Has Percy Miller teamed up with this new killer? The Candlewax Killer had been dormant for years, why are they active again? Or perhaps the better question may be why did he ever stop?

What do you think?

Which of those would you like to see me write? I'm open to suggestions or requests. I like all of these ideas, and if time permits I would love to write them all. There aren't enough hours in the day unfortunately, and I am always coming up with new fresh ideas that pop up in my mind. I'm hoping that by letting these monsters out, I can focus more on finishing my novel. I've been stuck on the same chapter for the past couple of weeks. It's quite possibly the longest in the novel. I'm already planning on chopping it in half. I would love to hear what you think about these ideas, so please leave a comment or contact me on any of the social media outlets I frequent.

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Corabelle said...

I like The Novelty Shop story idea. I have always been curious by what strange and mysterious things owners of antique stores find. Where did these objects came from? What is their story? If I might make a suggestion, I know it is a very girly thing to do, but, go and check out a antique or junk store around where you live. You will get TONS of inspiration. Whatever of these story ideas you run with, I know that it will rock because your a cool author like that!