Friday, October 3, 2014

Gone Girl

Rated R / 2 hr 29 min / Drama - Mystery - Thriller

What is it about?

The Batfleck (Ben Affleck) is hanging out with his sister at a bar that they both partially own. He then gets a call that his house cat has gotten out. He goes home to find that his wife is gone, and it looks as if someone had broken in. The police get on the case right away because of some recent violent crimes. They find traces of blood inside the house. There is also an envelope labeled 'Clue #1' with a riddle that might lead them to where the missing wife had gone. All of the clues seem to point towards the Batfleck as being the guilty party. He doesn't help his case by keeping secrets from the police.

You will like it if...

You like psychological thrillers. Holy crap is all I have to say about this movie. You NEED to go see this movie. The script is fantastic. When I finish this I'm going to download the book and start binge-reading it until I pass out. You all know the book is almost always better than the movie! The acting in this movie is superb. Rosamund Pike is fantastic, but she is very rarely given a role this complex. It's OK guys. She is capable of playing with Legos. Reindeer Games gives the same likeable performance he has given before in other movies. This is a crazy movie. If you have any interest in seeing it then go see it now. If the theater is closed then break in and watch it anyway! Don't let things like 'law' and 'jail' stop you from seeing this movie! OK well maybe you should wait until the theater is open.

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