Sunday, October 12, 2014

NFL Week 6

Fox decided that we all wanted to watch the Bengals and Panthers tie rather than watch the entire first quarter of my beloved Redskins. Then three minutes later they decide to show a "gamebreak" to inform us of the tie instead of showing a replay on a possibly critical play. Good Job Fox.

At least they don't have their crappy Cowgirls team announcing the Redskins game like they usually do. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck should NOT be announcing Redskins games. They are so biased against the Washington team that they spend several minutes professing their love of Jerry Jones when they should be talking about the game. It's disgusting.

Redskins vs. Cardinals

Cousins is looking good again this week so far. Arizona is trying to make sure they are in his face every play. Cousins is making good quick decisions with pressure in his face. He's been able to shift his feet enough to buy a second or two at times to get the ball out before he gets hit. Poor playcalling on third down is killing drives for us. No more bubble screens on third down please! In the second half the Cardinals are mixing it up by showing pressure and backing off into coverage. Cousins just made his first mistake. The ball floated on him a bit for an easy INT for the Cardinal safety. The Redskins are still throwing the ball at a two to one ratio which is idiotic considering how many yards per carry they have been able to generate through Alfred Morris. The play action pass they keep running isn't effective if they don't run the ball. Again a poor playcall on 3rd down results in an INT on a bubble screen where Desean Jackson doesn't attack the ball and Roberts doesn't block the corner who caught the ball. The Cardinals played deep and then the bubble screen worked for once. Cousins looked amazing on that drive, but the Cardinals were playing off. Not a lot of time left. 29 seconds left and we need a field goal to tie and Cousins tosses a pick 6. Ballgame over.

The Redskins defense is putting pressure on Carson Palmer nearly every time he drops back. The front lines on both defenses look strong so far. David Amerson went out early, and now we are down our top starting CBs. Our Secondary is in trouble. Fitzgerald isn't getting open, but he's catching everything that is thrown his way because he's pushing off. The refs aren't calling it because it's Larry Fitzgerald. Carson Palmer just made an amazing play with three Redskins draped all over him. Ryan Kerrigan is a beast. He has made some great plays on 3rd down to send the Cardinals punt team on to the field. I don't see how he could not be a pro bowl player this year.

The refs just made a terrible pass interference call. The cornerback has just as much of a right to play for the ball as the wide receivers do, but all too often when a wide receiver tries to run back through the defender and gets that pass interference call. The refs need to let those types of plays go. Defenders can't run through receivers, and receivers initiating contact shouldn't get rewarded for it with a penalty against the defender. The refs just cost the Redskins the ball. It was clear from the replay early in the 4th quarter that Roberts' knee was down before the ball pops out. Again, the refs need to make the effort to get the call correct instead of trying to say that their poop doesn't stink. All the fans know your poop stinks! I just about threw my tablet through the window because of that call. That cost the Redskins three points and two minutes off the clock.


Joe Flacco tosses five touchdowns in the first half. Wow! He's a streaky player, and it looks like he got on a hot streak this week. Baltimore rolls in a blowout.

Cleveland beats the Stealers badly this week. Cleveland hasn't been nearly as bad so far this season as they looked in preseason. In preseason their offense looked absolutely awful. Brian Hoyer and Manziel both looked terrible, and there were lots of people calling for Johnny Football to be the starter. You don't hear anything from those people now. Hoyer is playing well, and it looks like the Offensive Coordinator for Cleveland has discovered that Jordan Cameron is a strong target in the pass game. Everyone knew that last year.

The Cowgirls are playing tough against the Seahawks. Everyone keeps expecting Seattle to roll over the teams in the NFC East, but so far they've had a tough time with the Redskins and now the Cowboys. It won't matter as long as they get the W, but right now they're losing to the Cowgirls. Dallas, now that they have become more of a running team, is built to compete with a team like Seattle. The Cowboys win in what looks like it was a tough battle.

The Raiders are hanging tough with the Chargers. The Chargers blew out Seattle not too long ago. They have looked strong on offense and defense, but the game is tied right now. Tony Sparano is a decent coach and the Raider's Derek Carr has given them a spark on offense. I wonder how they will look for the remainder of the season with their new interim head coach. The Chargers hold on in a close game to win 31-28. That must have been a great game to watch!

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