Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bad Guys and Anti-heros

What makes it so much fun to write these types of characters? Every character has their complexities. They all have their own obstacles to overcome. The difference being a cruelty that pushes others away or forces others to work with them out of fear. They are either leaders or loners. They don't usually follow others, and don't take direction well. They are rebellious in a way that we all wish we could be at times. How many times have you been at work performing a task thinking about how stupid the task is?

The difference between the villain and anti-hero is their sense of morals. What they perceive to be right and wrong. The anti-hero is compelled, most times reluctantly, to do the right thing. The villain has no qualms about doing whatever they want no matter how illegal that may be especially if they think or know that they won't get caught. The freedom to do what they want feels like it is stolen from us as life chews us all up and spits us back out over and over. These characters still have that freedom and many times use it in a way that we all wish we could. The villain and anti-hero are both selfish archetypes that live in different shades of grey that this world is painted in. There are more than fifty of them, and they don't all lead to bondage sex... unfortunately.

The actions that these characters are able to take resonate with all of us. These characters feel more real than the heroes who always do the right thing. No one always does the right thing all the time. Any character that does is going to be ultra boring. You might as well call that character 'Grass Growing Man'. Hmm.. depending on what kind of grass maybe they wouldn't be so boring after all. These characters tend to act with confidence and certainty like we all wish we could, but from time to time they are brought back down to earth so we can identify with them. Mistakes are what make us grow and learn. Confidence and anger help to move the story, but uncertainty and vulnerability make the story feel genuine. Not knowing what to do can lead to mistakes and a more interesting outcome. It's sometimes nice to see that our heros don't always have the answer either.

The anti-heros and villains that are most interesting are mostly outsiders or misfits. People who don't feel like they belong with others in this world. Cerebral giants who can't seem to relate to others like Batman, Lex Luthor, or Thanos. Fighting badasses who don't seem to care for much of anything like The Punisher, Wolverine, or Bane. Completely insane characters like Deadpool or The Joker. I mention comic characters because they seem to be the most enduring and iconic. What are some of your favorite bad guys or anti-heros and why? Comments are always appreciated and never punished with the wet spaghetti whip treatment.. unless you're into that kind of thing.

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