Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fantasy Football Week 5

I missed posting last week about the NFL, so here's a bonus post about my fantasy football teams. It's like an extra piece of chocolate you weren't expecting that gives up it's creamy goodness. Mmmm.. chocolate! I will be doing my usual NFL Update tomorrow during the S&M spanking everyone is telling me my team is going to get. I'm going to wear my ball gag and leather zipper suit during that. For those of you who don't know, I have three fantasy football leagues that I am currently in. Let's take a look at my matchups! I'm going to list the players on my team on the left vs. the players on the opposing team.

ABG League

Team Name: Jerry Jones' Tourbus
Record: 2-2
Last Week: I got absolutely crushed by one of the worst teams in the league. Every player on the opposing team, that hadn't done anything all year, scored 20+ points. I still can't sit properly after that whoopin'.
  • QBs - Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning
  • RBs - Matt Forte and Giovani Bernard vs. Demarco Murray and Rashad Jennings
  • WRs - Wes Welker and Brian Quick vs. Emmanuel Sanders and Percy Harvin
  • TEs - Greg Olsen vs. Julius Thomas
  • Flex - Alfred Morris vs. Darren Sproles
  • K and Def - Cody Parkey and Cincinnati vs. Steven Hauschka and Philadelphia

It's not looking good for me with the opposing team projected to score 20 more points than me. I like the combination of Forte and Giovani Bernard as a better RB combo, but Demarco Murray is leading the league in rushing yards and Rashad Jennings has a fantastic matchup this week. Overall I think these teams are about even, but this week the opposing team has fantastic matchups. I also had the head exploding decision of having to start Cam Newton or Kirk Cousins. Instead of worrying about it I'm just going to say Giovani Bernard. I love that name. Say it with me G I O V A N I!

The Right Coast League

Team Name: P-Funk Allstars
Record: 4-0
Last Week: I won last week mostly thanks to Phillip Rivers outscoring Tom Brady by 20 points which is about what the difference in points was. Can you believe I waited until Round 8 to draft my starting QB? It was on sale so I bought it!
  • QBs - Phillip Rivers vs. Aaron Rodgers
  • RBs - Arian Foster and Reggie Bush vs. Jamaal Charles and Giovani Bernard
  • WRs - AJ Green, DeAndre Hopkins, and Brian Quick vs. Emmanuel Sanders, Pierre Garcon, and Steve Smith Sr.
  • TEs - Jimmy Graham vs. Rob Gronkowski
  • K and Def - Cody Parkey and Buffalo vs. Mason Crosby and Baltimore

Oh Noes! I'm playing against Giovani in this game! My sweet Giovani! I'm projected to win this game by about half a point, BUT Green Bay already played this week. Both of the opposing team's players on Thursday scored less than their projected amount. The problem with this team every week is the 5 running backs I have that are all injury prone. How can I decide who to start when they are almost all basically the same player??? I have Arian Foster, Reggie Bush, Ahmad Bradshaw, Ben Tate, and CJ Spiller. You have to start Foster if he's 100%, but that's rare. Everyone else you're just throwing darts.This week I went with Bush because Joique Bell (I don't know how to pronounce it either) is out, so Bush won't be splitting time as he has been.

The Spartans League

Team Name: Kiss Your * Goodbye
Record: 3-1
Last Week: I destroyed an 0-4 team. It didn't feel very satisfying. I want Tony Romo's tears from missing the playoffs the last game of the season every year. Bottle it up and I would buy it!
  • QBs - Drew Brees vs. Peyton Manning
  • RBs - Matt Forte and Giovani Bernard vs. Montee Ball and Rashad Jennings
  • WRs - Jeremy Maclin and Brian Quick vs. Cordarrelle Patterson and Keenan Allen
  • TEs - Larry Donnell vs. Delanie Walker
  • Flex - Justin Forsett vs. Eddie Royal
  • K and Def - Cody Parkey and Houston vs. Dan Bailey and Philadelphia

I'm projected to score about 9 more points than the other team. Montee Ball hasn't done much all year. I feel like making a sign on my couch that says 'Reserved for Montee Ball'. Everyone was expecting him to have a breakout season and it just hasn't happened so far. Forsett is one of my favorite players in the league. When he's gotten a chance, he dances like Beyonce. Unfortunately he never really gets the chance even though he's the best option. Reminds me of another of my favorite Dora the Explorer lunchbox guys, Fred Jackson in Buffalo. Forsett is finally getting a good chance to play now that he's on a good team with a coach that recognizes his talent.. or rather lack of talent in his other RBs.

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