Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shame On Timothy Stanley

The Fox News style of opinionated psuedo-journalism is spreading across all media as it has been proven to produce ratings. Apparently people love the comedy of misinformation and ignorance. Enter Timothy Stanley, who I'm sure is not the only person who is spreading this infection of media backed cyber-bullying. For the purposes of this blog post I am singling him out for his opinion piece that is featured on as an "Editor's Pick".

The Article

"Ignore the fact that she was patently not the primary victim in the Zippergate affair (poor Hillary Clinton was) or that any comparison with someone suffering a disease, especially at a time when people are dropping dead from Ebola, is tasteless in the extreme."

Whoa wait a second there Mr. Poopypants. Hillary was the victim as a result of the affair that was played out on TV over and over again. People felt sorry for Hillary while Monica was vilified as a whore everywhere. So now she's not allowed to be thought of as a victim of those people who lashed out at her? Let me tell you a secret that isn't really a secret but you're not bright enough to get Mr. Stanley.. There can be more than one victim in a story like this.

He also mentions Ebola, which is the scariest most media overblown threat to grace our TV screens in a while. Ebola has claimed one life out of three victims so far this year in the United States. I get that the total is much higher in Africa, but Monica Lewinsky isn't campaigning in West Africa. Suicide on the other hand has claimed many many more lives this year within the United States. It stands to reason that cyber-bullying may possibly be responsible for more than 1 death in the United States this year which would make it a more pressing matter to the audience Ms. Lewinsky is reaching out to. Wouldn't it? *listens for the echo within Mr. Stanley's skull*

"she said she was inspired to speak out by the story of Tyler Clementi, a student who committed suicide after a video of him kissing another boy went up online. Young Clementi was the victim of societal homophobia as well as an invasion of his privacy, and his death makes any comparison with Lewinsky's self-imposed troubles ridiculous."

So if Monica had commited suicide then her speaking out against cyber-bullying would be valid? Or if she had sex with Hillary instead of Bill? Is that what you are trying to imply? Holy frozen poop on a stick Batman! This level of stupid makes me want to headbutt a wall until it stops.

"But while Lewinsky grabs some TV time talking about her own liberties, she forgets those of her fellow sisters -- the mistreated wives. Imagine that your husband was caught cheating and the contents of your marriage were discussed every night on television. Would you feel happy about his mistress reappearing 16 years later to drag the whole thing up again, and even to play the victim? Does Hillary Clinton not have a right to put this scandal behind her and have a political identity separate from her husband's?"

The focus of the campaign is cyber-bullying. Let's try to stay on topic maybe? It's not Monica's fault that the mere mention of her name makes Fox News correspondents want to replay the entire incident with white froth spewing from their mouths. Be better than Fox News. Why is that such a difficult concept? Why is Monica to blame for what others are doing on TV? Why was Flash Forward cancelled? I loved that show.

"Lewinsky says that she wants to take on the "shame game." But what she did all those years ago and what she's doing now makes her a perfect candidate for a good, old-fashioned shaming."

What a perfect send-off. Tell everyone that Monica deserves it, so go fling poop at her. No one deserves it except for maybe those who are flinging poop to begin with. Just so you know sir.. flinging poop makes you look like a deranged monkey. Stop it.

You can read the full article here:
CNN Also has the other side of the story, but it's not featured at the top like the article I just ranted on. You can read that here:

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