Sunday, October 19, 2014

NFL Week 7

Tough decisions face me this week in fantasy football. I am absolutely stacked at Running Back in almost all my leagues. My Wide Receivers look relatively week by comparison. I have one league where I am hampered by having AJ Green and Jimmy Graham. I was fortunate enough to pick up Jordan Reed, but now I have a difficult decision because Graham is going to play a limited role in the red zone for New Orleans. I have one league where my running backs are Matt Forte, Giovani Bernard, Branden Oliver, Justin Forsett, and Fred Jackson. All of which are top 15 options according to fantasy football experts. My wide receivers are struggling as Norv Turner has no clue how to use Cordarrelle Patterson. Wes Welker has also gotten lost in the mix in Denver.

I am getting increasingly annoyed at the commercials that they are showing during football. In particular the iPhone and Honda Fit commercials. They make me want to punch someone in the face. They are both so smug and annoying. It's not like the things these products can do are anything new. Apple copied Samsung and made the screens of their new iPhone larger, and they are trying to present it as if it's something that hasn't been done before. Is anyone else annoyed by these commercials?

Tennessee Titans vs. Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins continues to scare the crap out of me with his lack of ball security. One play wasn't his fault, but it would have been counted as an interception if the defender had held onto it. Throws like the one that Cousins just tossed to Desean Jackson make me want to love the guy, but he has just as many head-scratching throws. Colt Mccoy has replaced Cousins to start the 2nd half. I'm glad to see him in the game unfortunately. He doesn't have the same ability to make perfect throws into tight coverage, but he also doesn't make the same mistakes. He gets the ball to Pierre on one of his first plays, and Garcon shows that he has better than average speed to take it for a touchdown. Colt isn't making the best decisions, but he's also not turning the ball over. He decided to run the ball for negative yardage rather than throwing it away, and the next play he held on to the ball too long. These are things he could have avoided if he had more live game experience.

The Redskins offense is looking like it should early on here. Gruden is feeding the ball to Morris, and so far the Titans can't stop them. Just as I type that Morris goes down the an ankle injury. I hope he's OK because he's the motor that makes the offense go. Crisis averted, Morris only missed 1 play due to the injury. Washington can use Morris to get up and down the field all day, but they always seem to abandon the run when it gets iinto the red zone. So far we're settling for field goals because of it. Gruden is continuing to use Morris as the workhorse he is in the second half. Like I have said all season. Using Morris as your workhorse running back gives you a much better chance of winning. If Colt had started the game, the Redskins may have won by more than 2 points.

The Redskins continue to be one of the worst teams on 3rd down. A big part of the reason is poor playcalling. On 3rd and 3 they just called a run to Helu into the strength of an overstacked defensive line. 3rd and 7 in the red zone, and they run a shovel pass option play. It was poorly executed, but it's just as bad a playcall. Special teams mistakes extended a Titan's drive, and they take advantage with a late first half touchdown. Gruden has an unnatural love for the bubble screen. We ran a bad screen pass followed by a worse bubble screen. Garcon somehow turned the terrible play into a gain, but punting was our only option after that play. The Titans just made a critically bad special teams play, the muffed punt gave the Redskins the ball just outside the red zone.

So far the refs have been doing an excellent job for the most part. They had to review two plays right off the bat, and in both cases they got the call right. The refs have continued to be a non-issue in the 2nd half. This is one of the best officiated games I have seen this season. I come into writing this post expecting to complain about the refs, but this officiating crew has done very well.


Carolina is supposed to have one of the best defenses in the league. I keep hearing about how good they are on that side of the ball. Green Bay has 21 points in the first quarter, and Cam Newton has 0 passing yards. I hate Cam Newton and his bipolar performances as one of my fantasy quarterbacks. Maybe he'll salvage the day as there is still a lot of time left in that game. Cam finishes with a decent fantasy day, but his team is still crushed by Green Bay as they put up 38 points on Carolina's defense.

Miami is destroying Chicago right now. Miami has played tough defense in spots, but they are holding one of the more potent offenses to 7 points so far. I wonder if that will last. Chicago is able to put a few more points on the board, but Miami holds on for the win.

The Rams are currently beating the snot out of Seattle. Seattle is supposed to have one of the best defenses in the league, but the Rams have put up 21 points to Seattle's 3. I see that they had a kick return for a touchdown, so that explains part of it. Seattle comes storming back, but it's too little too late. Rams win.

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