Friday, July 24, 2015


Rated PG-13 / 1 hr 45 min / Action - Comedy - SciFi

What is it about?

In a world where Kevin James is President of the United States, Adam Sandler plays a former video game champion. He finished second in the world championship in 1982. Now his life has become a sad shell of what it used to be, similar to a former 80's TV childhood star who moves in with Michael Jackson. He decides to become a life coach to a woman who is hiding in a closet crying over a sippy-cup of wine. He tells her that when life gives you lemons then you do shots! He gets called into his best friend's office, who just happens to be Kevin James, because real life video games are attacking. Coincidentally the woman from the closet is a high ranking military adviser with a very important sippy-cup. Time to save the world from pixelated Smurfs.

You will like it if...

You like comedies that have a healthy dose of 80's nostalgia. Like Wreck-It Ralph there are plenty of video game references that will stiffen the nipples of any old school gamers. There are a lot of gut laughs and chuckles to be had throughout the film, but no truly big laughs. Adam Sandler has given up as a lead actor. It feels like he isn't trying anymore, but he is still carted out like an unkillable zombie painted up as a clown. A block of wood could have done a better job than Adam Sandler did in Pixels. He tried to conjure some of his trademark charm from his younger days, but his heart isn't in it anymore. The script is well done unlike some of Sandler's recent movies which makes a big difference. That along with good performances from every other cast member saves the film from being a complete disaster. In the end Pixels is a bit of light fun for adults who enjoyed the days of arcades and Pac-Man, but falls short of being anything memorable.

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