Monday, July 27, 2015

Virtual Wars Government

Ah yes, Government. A subject that invites derision no matter what side of the subject you are on. This week we'll talk about the police state in the world of Virtual Wars. A world that is divided into districts that are the size of countries. Each bit of inhabitable land is divided evenly between the districts.

The Council of The United Districts

Representatives of each district sit on the Council of the United Districts. The council makes decisions on a worldwide scale to prevent the kind of problems that could cause worldwide destruction. They assign neutral arbitrators when there are disputes between two countries and when necessary they determine if a Virtual War will take place. It is similar to the United Nations, but with a major difference. Any district that defies the orders of the council will face the wrath of the World Police Force.

Each district has to follow rules that have been set down to preserve the peace. District 13 only contains services and buildings used to support the government. Each district has its own government structure and economy that are all controlled independently. No district can be run as a religious state. No district other than District 13 is allowed to have a factory for the mass production of firearms, and any weapon designated class 3 or higher is illegal. Class 3 weapons would include sniper rifles, assault rifles, and any fully automatic weapon. Homemade zip guns are commonly used for hunting in some districts. Any publication or television show that claims to present the "news" must only present the facts. Editorials or any opinion pieces must be presented separately and clearly not labeled as being "news".

The World Police Force

The training facilities and headquarters for the World Police Force are located in District 13. Once recruits graduate from training they are commonly known as "Enforcers". They are equipped with body armor and various weapons including pepper spray, stun sticks, and more lethal options up to assault and sniper rifles. They have offices in every known city in the world. They are there to enforce the local laws of each district as well as the laws of the United Districts Council.

The Trackers are a division of the Police that act as bounty hunters. They are specially trained troops that are brought in when the police fail. The Trackers wear strange looking uniforms and helmets that cover their faces. There are many rumors surrounding the Trackers since there is almost no information about them. The only time you hear about them is when they capture a criminal.

Next Week

I plan to touch on religion. Another touchy subject I know! It's fiction though.

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