Friday, July 10, 2015


Rated PG / 1 hr 31 min / Comedy

What is it about?

Since the dawn of time the minions have been chasing the dream. A dream of serving the biggest baddest villain they come across. Why don't they follow Godzilla?? Over the years they have served many masters including Napoleon, Dracula, and a Yeti, but they have not been able to keep a master. By accident each one has perished. The minions end up being pushed into exile after failing one of their masters. In the cold expanse they lose all of their motivation to be the jolly creatures of nonsense they are. Kevin comes up with an idea to save them all. He is going to float through space freaking out with Sandra Bullock. Stuart is going to watch while eating a banana.

You will like it if...

You like light animated comedies made for young children. The minions are just as adorable as they have been in the previous Despicable Me films. The problem is that just like the minions themselves the movie tends to move in random directions without really trying to decide where to go. The story wanders around in circles until the characters go OOooo Shiny! Then they wander off chasing some glitter. There are enough laughs to keep you engaged, but not much else to keep you interested. Sandra Bullock voices Scarlett Overkill, but she doesn't get a chance to revel in playing an evil character. Scarlett feels like one of those evil for no reason characters although they gloss over the reasoning quickly in the film. It makes the character one dimensional and unworthy of Sandra's talents. At points it feels like Scarlett Overkill could have been replaced with a block of wood and it would have actually improved the movie. Minions is better than Despicable Me 2, but still not as good as other animated movies that have come out lately. Inside Out is superior in every way if you're looking for a film to take the kids to.

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