Friday, July 17, 2015


Rated PG-13 / 1 hr 57 min / Action - SciFi

What is it about?

Paul Rudd plays a master thief who has just been released from prison. His former cellmate Luis picks him up and tells him how pretty he looks then proceeds to tell him how nice Luis's couch is. Luis convinces him that he should steal from a rich guy so Luis can hold his hand as they go back to prison. Hank Pym has his get out of jail free card though. Hank wants him to be the Ant-Man because he can't perform any more. The man needs some Viagra. Paul thinks this is stupid, so he agrees to do it. They need to stop Darren Cross who has taken over Pym's company, has found the secret of the Ant-Man, and is selling it to the highest bidder. Which is probably Hydra because those jokers are everywhere now.

You will like it if...

You like comic book movies that have a flair for comedy. The first Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy would probably be the best comparison for this film. It's not as good as either of those, but it comes close. I was laughing out loud at many of the scenes throughout the movie. I'm surprised it's not listed as a comedy as well. There are minor problems with the story like scenes where the bad guys are like "the ants are coming, so let's check everyone for tiny things we probably won't find anyway". I'm like "where's the pesticide when you need it?" For people that are supposed to be incredibly smart they do some dumb things in this movie. Other than the occasional flub like this, the script is well written. The dialogue is interesting and hilarious at times. The special effects are up to par with other comic book movies. The action scenes are unique and interesting especially the final battle. I did have an issue with the "Yellowjacket". A yellowjacket is a bee isn't it? Why is this guy built like a scorpion with lazers? He should have been yelling "Get over here!" and teleporting to the other side of the map. It's easy to forgive this film for all of its mistakes because it rarely takes itself seriously. If you're looking for a light bit of comic book fun then check out Ant-Man.

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