Saturday, July 18, 2015

Virtual Wars Technology

Now it is time to delve into the new technologies that have been developed in the world of the Virtual Wars novels. I tried to base most of these on technologies that already exist in today's world, but have evolved and advanced in a way that I could see being widespread in the near future. Some other technologies are taken from our imaginations, but have been presented in other forms of media before (Books, TV, Movies, etc). A few are my own creations that I haven't seen before anywhere else. Let's take a look at a few of the major technologies in this world.

Hover Technology

The thought of Hover Cars has captured my imagination ever since I first saw them in the Back To The Future movies. Jiggawatts? Did Jay-Z create them? In the world of Virtual Wars the hover vehicles are all but a necessity for travel between countries. Many of the roads have been overgrown with vegetation. Rather than invest in clearing them off and repaving them, hover technology was developed. It's still a somewhat new technology and not everyone has access. Many people cling to their conventional vehicles even though they are limited to where they can travel.

The hover technology uses renewable sources of energy. The fossil fuels of the past have been almost completely exhausted. When the world burned, the fossil fuels did as well. There are still pockets of natural gas and oil deep beneath the surface, but many countries that chose to rely on drilling have found it to be difficult to survive using the fragmented deposits they have found. It has become increasingly expensive to use oil. Most countries only use it to recycle plastics and other oil-based products. As a result the hover cars propel themselves using a mix of hydrogen based fuel and solar power. Most conventional vehicles have been retrofitted to use similar fuel sources, although some run on steam. Hover technology is mostly used by the World Police Force and mass public transit vehicles.

PEL Devices

PEL stands for Personal Entertainment Library. It's similar to the smart watches that are coming out now. The screen of the device curves around about 3/4 of a person's forearm on the left or right side depending on if they are left or right handed. Most phone calls are video calls with a 3D holographic projection display. Just like today with smartphones, many people spend hours upon hours with their face in their PEL devices in this world. It basically does everything a computer, smartphone, TV, *insert entertainment device here* can. *waits anxiously for Samsung/Apple to create one*

Most people get their news through their PEL devices. It is rare that you would see someone without one of these devices on their arm. People use it to stay connected on any number of social media sites. Most currency transactions go through the devices. A GPS implant is inserted under the skin of every person that is linked to the device. This allows the user to remove the device from their arm, and in case they lose the device the GPS implant will help them find it.

Virtual Wars Game Rooms

The Virtual Wars Game Rooms are designed to be a virtual reality rooms for one player's use in a first person perspective shooter game. In other words it's like Halo or Destiny. The difference being that you actually feel the gravity of the room. You feel the weight of the gun you are carrying. You feel the danger of jumping off a tall building and potentially breaking your legs. You feel the teabagging after killing an opponent. Do people still do that in games?

The technology itself involves tiny programmable white particles that are capable of morphing themselves into a solid surfaces. The programming involved makes the grains move based on the player's movement which is registered as input. Three dimensional images on the walls give the player the illusion of real movement in an open world. Everything in the room other than the player and the outside walls are made of these particles including the weapons, bullets, other players, and so on.

There are precautions that are taken to protect the players in these game rooms. Every player must watch a safety video before entering. The players must wear a uniform made of a specialized material that the particles are programmed to never pass through. Players must be covered from head to toe to prevent accidents. Of course, accidents still occur.

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