Thursday, July 3, 2014


Rated R / 1 hr 36 min / Comedy

What is it about?

Melissa Mccarthy plays a down on her luck fast food employee. She gets fired then she catches her husband having a sit down dinner with the neighbor. She assumes that her husband has been cheating on her. She packs a suitcase, and the handle falls off, spilling all of her clothes on the ground. It's the worst day ever. She decides to then go on a roadtrip with her grandmother to Niagra Falls.

You will like it if...

You are Melissa Mccarthy's husband or you like bland dramedies. There are very few big laughs in this movie which is disappointing considering her past couple of forays have been fantastic. If you liked The Heat and Bridesmaids then you will be thoroughly disappointed with this one. Susan Sarandon has some fantastic facial expressions in this movie, and does a serviceable job, but it's not enough to save the movie. It's bogged down with an uncomfortable "I like you but I'm shy" romance subplot. The script also meanders about with no purpose. If you must see it then wait for it to come out at Redbox.

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