Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wrath of the Ninja: Politically Correct

When the movement to become more politically correct came around, I thought it was harmless. It was initially intended to make the world less offensive to those touchy few of us that get their panties in a bunch whenever someone says something remotely offensive. Some people would be offended by the picture here because of the skull on it. Get over yourself!  That's not what I wanted to discuss here. I want to discuss how groups are starting to use this as a political tool to get what they want. I find that to be offensive. If you are easily offended then I would stop reading here.


I understand that we need to protect our 2nd ammendment rights to bear arms, but what these barrel cleaners are doing is taking it a bit far. Not that they care what their members or anyone else thinks. I don't know how a group with so much political clout can have such batshit crazy leadership and still hold on to their fanbase. Wait.. *looks at the current political parties in power* nevermind. Seriously the NRA leadership sent out an email to members of Congress to shoot down a bill that over 70% of their members agreed with. That's how much they don't give a crap.

So what are they doing now? They are taking reporters to task for calling a murderer who shot people with a gun a "shooter". The shooter also shot people with a knife and gunned down people with his car. The NRA's news mouthpiece says that is no reason to call the gunman a shooter. I hope Billy Johnson reads this, so he knows that I'm calling him retarded. Let me ask you.. Did he shoot someone? Yes? Then how the crap would he not be a shooter? There's a special place in hell for people who make my head hurt this bad Billy. I hope you know that.

The New Conservative Order

The New Conservative Order is trying to protect the feelings of the super rich and super religious people out there. They don't even call the rich that any more. They call them "job creators". So let me get this straight. Mitt Romney, the man who has personally sent thousands of American jobs overseas through outsourcing, is a job creator simply because he's rich. Do you think about the excrement that comes out of your mouth before you start spewing it?? The republican leadership has gone so far as to not even discuss the wealth gap because it might make the super rich cry (QQ). They even think words like "middle class" are dirty words. Wait. What? If you get hurt by words like that and it makes you cry so much that you use a hundred dollar bill as a tissue then here's a tip. Don't be so freakin' greedy! Congrats you're rich, now do something with your money you retard!

They have also put a ban on terms like "sea level rise" and "climate denier" because people who refuse to believe PROVEN SCIENCE find it offensive. So what should we call them? I vote retard. How out of touch with reality do you have to be to go against things that have been proven by science? Where do they find these people? If I say "The grass is green", are they going to say "Nope"? When I pull out a green crayon and put it next to the grass to prove without a shadow of a doubt that it is in fact green, are they still going to say "Nope"?? Seriously?


I believe that words are just that.. words. They only have the power to offend you if you give them that power. With that being said, I use the word retard. It's not because I wish to be offensive towards people with mental deficiencies. It's because there is no way to say something like this without being offensive. Mental retardation is real no matter what you call it. I sincerely apologize to anyone who has that mental condition for comparing you to the leadership of the NRA and/or Conservatives who are crying because of science or because they have lots of money. No one should be put down like that.

Ninja Solution

There is no cure for crazy. The only thing you can do is avoid these people who will not listen to reason. That should be easy for ninja with their many stealth techniques! Although if you know someone rich that is crying about being rich then I would volunteer to take that burden from them. Ya know...  so their feelings won't get hurt so much.

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