Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Author Superfriends Teamup Part 1

This week I had an idea. It's a large scale idea that could work out very nicely for those who wish to participate. Before I get started I want to reiterate that a $20 Amazon gift card will be given away to a random person who has signed up for my monthly newsletter. The gift card can be given electronically through your email.

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The Idea

So what is this grand idea I had? I want to organize a group of authors for a long term collaborative promotional effort. I'm sure that this has been done over and over again with other groups of authors. I have seen several cross promotional efforts over the time I have been trying to do this myself. Critique events, review contests, pitch events, etc.. Many of these are across multiple blogs. BUT.. What happens after the event? Everyone goes on their merry way.

What is so different about this?

This will be an organized effort across multiple social media outlets, and I don't intend to dissolve this partnership. We authors are all Supermen and Superwomen. Still it is very difficult to organize and keep up with all of the social media outlets that are around. Who has the time for all of that? I'm looking to help with this. I am also looking for people to help organize and promote along with me. Of course none of us will be locked into this partnership, and anyone can leave at any time.

I Want You!

I need others to help make this work. I don't want to be alone on stage farting on a snare drum. No one wants to see that! I want this to be a collaborative effort from the start. I have a ton of ideas to share with anyone that is interested in this idea. If you are interested then please contact me any way you can. I want everyone that is interested to start coming up with their own ideas.

United We Are Strong

Next week I will start to unveil the beginnings of this group effort. We will need a place or multiple places to meet and decide what direction this group will take. For such a large effort, I cannot run things alone. We will need several leaders within the community to help organize and lend ideas. Everyone will be able to participate in the process of building something that I hope will be truly special. More details to come next week!

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