Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Calling All Critiques #8: Book Blurb - The Penumbrae Chronicles: From Ember and Ash

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The Penumbrae Chronicles: From Ember and Ash

by C. Angeles Wolf
Genre: Urban Fantasy

On the heels of the Cataclysm, a new era dawned. It is into this post-apocalyptic world that Jade Blackheart awakens in a military emergency room, the victim of an attack that left her with total amnesia. Regaining her memory is not the only obstacle she faces – she is compelled to venture beyond the base, out into the ruined wastelands of North America. Arriving in Frontier Town, and still clueless as to what was driving her, Jade makes a deal with the devil: Jonah Reese, combat veteran and rugged survivor. With his help, she discovers elements of her past that have life-changing effects on her future – and Jonah's.
All they had to do was survive.

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Brian Basham said...

I love the concept of this story. There is enough leading in with the blurb without giving away too much. Parts of it seem a bit over the top though. That could be because of the run-on sentences. You are trying to jam too many thoughts into one sentence. It's like you're so excited to tell us about your story that it all gets mashed together. The blurb would work better if you take your time, and break it down into smaller sentences. This sounds like the type of story I would read. Let me know when it's available!