Saturday, May 23, 2015


Rated PG / 2 hr 10 mins / Action - Adventure - Mystery

What is it about?

Casey is trying to save a NASA launching pad for her father. She also wants to meet Baymax from Big Hero 6. Once the pad has been disassembled her father will have to find a job at Hasbro making Frozen toys. Casey can't bear the thought. The police catch her breaking into the site. When her father bails her out there is a pin with her things. A pin with a T on it. When she touches it she is transported to another land filled with amazing technologies. A land filled with possibilities. A land with a yellow brick road. Wait.. wrong movie. Athena is the one that gave her the pin to recruit Casey for a mission. A mission to save the future of Earth. A future that ends in destruction and death. This time it's not Wreck-it Ralph's fault. To do so she must get to Tomorrowland, and to get there she will need the help of Frank Walker.

You will like it if...

You like SciFi Disney adventures. I don't know why this movie isn't labeled as SciFi. There is interdimentional and interplanetary travel, robotic automations, jetpacks, etc.. Apparently Fox News is denying science fiction now because they are offended by the word science. The special effects are awe inspiring, but you can tell they are meant to inspire wonder in a child's eyes. There are several scenes where characters crash to the ground and slide on their face for several dozen feet, but when they get up there is not a scratch on their face. Not realistic in the least, but this is a Disney movie made for kids so it is to be expected. The story is interesting even if it follows one of the usual Disney formulas. Be a princess, get kidnapped, someone rescue me, rinse repeat. Well maybe not that formula, but one that has been used repeatedly. Kids will love it and it's interesting enough to hold adult's attention too.

Now time for a PSA announcement. If you don't talk through movies then you can skip this. I did not enjoy this movie when I went to see it. It had nothing to do with the movie and everything to do with the people sitting behind me in the theater. There was a family behind me that was talking throughout the entire movie. It wasn't the kids OOooing over it. They were quiet. It was the adults, the people who should know better, who were commenting on the movie. In particular one guy who was speaking at a level of "Can you hear me down in front?" It wasn't insightful commentary either. I implore you all to please respect your fellow moviegoers. Most of them do not want to hear your comments. You are in a public place where people are expected and encouraged to be quiet. Speaking loudly like you are at home is extremely rude and can ruin the experience for others.

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