Friday, May 8, 2015

Hot Pursuit

Rated PG-13 / 1 hr 27 min / Action - Comedy

What is it about?

Officer Cooper was born and raised to be a cop. Her father was a cop and she grew up in the back seat of his cruiser. She's very uptight because her father drove her to prom and scared the crap out of her date. She chases down her dates as if they are criminals and not in a hot 'I have handcuffs' kind of way. Officer Cooper has already gotten herself into the Chief's dog house. She set a drunken frat boy on fire because he called 'shotgun'. She thought he had a shotgun in his shorts, so she used a Tazer on him. Her electrifying personality didn't win her any friends, and she is demoted to glorified secretary. She doesn't get to take dictation. She gets her chance to get out of the dog house by going with a federal agent to transport two witnesses against a drug lord. Two groups of assassins come to kill the witnesses. In the confusion of the shootout the main witness and the federal agent are killed, and Officer Cooper escapes with the other witness. Now they're on the run from the assassins.

You will like it if...

You are duty bound to watch any movie with Reese Witherspoon and/or Sophia Vergara. This is a buddy comedy without buddies or the comedy, so we're already off to a bad start. It's not the fault of the two leads. They try. Sophia looks stunning and does her outraged exaggerated latina routine to perfection. I found myself getting bored of her breasts at one point which I thought was impossible. Reese is cute and she tries hard to carry the movie like she has before. There are parts where they are able to pull it off, but others where their chemistry is way off. The problem is that they are in a handicap match against The Undertaker and Kane. The script is absolutely awful. The story has been done to death and it isn't interesting, but there are still movies like this one that keep coming out. The main difference is that those other movies are funny. This one tries to be like The Heat, but they forgot to add funny jokes. It's like they used google to find the most popular jokes that everyone had heard a million times before and said 'These are popular! We need to add them to the script! Comedy, comedy, comedy!' You've heard all the jokes in this movie without having to go see it, so don't bother. Hot Pursuit gets the hot part right, but everything else wrong.

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