Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ideas for Stories

As I am winding down on my current project, I am starting to think about what I am going to write next.  I just finished editing chapter 6, and working on chapter 7 for the novel that I am working on.  My next project that I plan on putting up on Amazon is going to be using the world of Wool via Kindle Worlds.  After that I will be working on the second book of the Virtual Wars series.  Below is a list of the ideas I have for stories I want to write.  Which one do you think I should write next?  Should I publish the first draft on Wattpad like I have been doing with The Ghost short story? What do you think?

The Curse

This is a tale of a boy who is cursed while still in the womb.  His mother dies during childbirth.  His skin is red and everything he touches catches fire or melts.  He grows up and goes on an adventure trying to have the curse lifted.  I  have written the beginning of this tale several times, and it has some imagery that I like.

The Last Vampire

This is a tale written by the last true vampire about his life.  With several lifetimes of information, this could easily turn into a series of novels.  I originally have planned this out as a trilogy that starts with the tale of the last vampire.


This would be the tale of a Grim Reaper that gets pulled into the politics of Heaven and Hell.  He is manipulated by angels and demons alike.  I also planned this out to be trilogy.  I actually started writing this out as a movie script, but it turned into a story of teenagers getting killed.  I scrapped it because it turned into a slasher kind of flick, and that's not what I originally intended for it. 


The story of a man that is abducted by aliens for some unknown reason.  This would be perfect for Wattpad.  It's the story of the man trying to escape from his alien wardens, and finding out some horrifying truths. 

The Time Traveller

My idea for this story makes me think about the movie About Time.  The story is completely different, but it has the same kind of feel to it.  Most of my thought process that has gone into this has to do with how time travel would be accomplished.  I had a basic kind of love story in mind, but that will probably changed.  I haven't really thought the story idea out fully as of yet.  I abandoned my original idea for this one because it was boring to write.  This is more of a concept idea rather than a story at this point. 




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