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Dust Review

Dust (Silo, #3)Dust by Hugh Howey
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Dust is the finale of the Wool series. It has truly been a fantastic ride. If you haven't read anything by Hugh Howey, I would highly recommend starting with Wool.

Wool begins with the story of a Silo where people have been living underground for several years. The outside air has become toxic. Wanting to go outside along with other major crimes are punished by sending the criminal outside to "clean". They are put in a suit with wool cleaning pads to wipe off the cameras.

Shift is the next iteration of the story, and it follows the story of Solo and Donald. Solo is a survivor of a Silo that has been shut down. Donald is a senator who helps to design the silos. This is part prequel, and part of it takes place along side of stories in Wool.

Dust brings it all together, and ties up the loose ends nicely. While Shift dragged in spots, Dust recaptured the magic of Wool. Finding out the why and how of things has been the most facinating parts of the series. Howey spreads each bit of information out, and every time you are rewarded with something unexpected. The ending is the only obvious outcome, but you don't know who is or isn't going to survive.

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