Saturday, December 21, 2013

A New Direction

I have decided to take a new direction with my blog.  Yes I will still post updates on what I am posting on wattpad, and yes I will continue to do movie reviews.  This new path I speak of has to do with my blog posts that come sporadically.  I want to post them with more regularity.  Also writing advice posts are like opinions and buttholes.  Everyone has one on their blog, and most of them don't smell good.

The problem is that writing, like many things, is highly subjective.  There is no one way to do it.  There are tools out there to help, and many resource websites that can provide all the advice you could possibly want.  I will continue to post what works for me, but I don't expect anyone to use my methods.  If they work for you as well then I am happy I could help! 

From now on I am going to try to post a weekly blog post on my journey and writing.  I am also looking for more interaction from the people who take the time to read what I post here.  I want to hear what you all think.  I will post a discussion topic along with my updates. I hope you will all join me in my journey and participate in the discussion.

This week has been a busy week with the holidays coming up soon.  I haven't gotten a lot of writing done so far, but I am planning on doing a lot today.  I have all of my Christmas presents wrapped, and the company's potluck is done along with the Secret Santa gift exchange.  I made some fantastic no bake cookies.  Today's schedule has been cleared for writing.  I am editing the last paragraph of Chapter 6, and hopefully making some good progress towards Chapter 7.

Today I want to discuss your favorite genre of writing.  What do you like to read?  I prefer to read thrillers, sci-fi, or fantasy.  I like other genres of books and movies, but those are the ones I seem to enjoy the most.  I was thinking about the ideas I have for stories that I am most likely going to be writing in the future, and I was surprised that the majority of them seem to fit more in the Horror genre than any other.  Just like "The Ghost" story I have been updating on wattpad.  I originally started it out thinking it would be a fantasy/adventure, but the more I wrote the more it seemed like a horror story.  My current "Virtual Wars" project is firmly planted in the YA dystopian scifi category.  I try to incorporate the twists and turns that are indicative of the thriller genre in all of my projects.  Please post a comment here, or reach out to me on any of my social media outlets, and let me know what some of your favorite kinds of stories you like to read. 

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