Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Rated PG-13 / 2 hr 15 min / Action - Adventure - Fantasy

What is it about?

As a disclaimer before I start this review I must say that all spoilers are completely fake. If you think I ruined the movie before you got a chance to see it, I didn't! I faked you out. If you don't know what Star Wars is about then stop living under rocks. It's not healthy. This film follows the Return of the Jedi where the evil emperor and Darth Vader were killed. It picks up with Han, Luke, and Leia all being much older. Luke opened up a cupcake bakery while Han and Leia decided to begin their careers as mimes who face paint. One day Luke's bakery burnt down and Luke disappears into the void. No one bothers to look for him. A girl named Rey and a storm trooper named Finn meet up with a robot named BB-8 and it is love at first sight. BB-8 is just not into non-robots, but has always been bi-curious for Luke Skywalker. Thus their search for Skywalker begins.

You will like it if...

You like the Star Wars universe. If you have any love for any of the Star Wars movies then you should be in heaven when seeing this film. It has the look and feel of the original trilogy while adding in enough new creatures and the adorable BB-8 to please fans of the cartoon-ish first two prequel films. Now time for some of the bad in the film. The relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia has lost its charm now that they are older. The story also seems to have a few holes in it, but they can kind of be explained away with The Force. They also tried very hard to build up Kylo Ren as a Darth Vader replacement rather than making their own character. The back story isn't the same, so no spoiler there. I'm talking about visually and audibly. Other than these few minor gripes, this is the continuation of the Star Wars saga that everyone was waiting for. I'm not going to recount all the awesome that is in this film. There were several moments when my eyes were forming tears of joy from the awesome. This could quite possibly break all Box Office records. If you don't have tickets yet go buy some online. You may have to wait a few months.

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Joy, Daddy's Home, Concussion, Point Break, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight, everything is coming out next week. Vote early, vote often, vote in the comments, or Godzilla will pick the movie! As always the movie selection is subject to change based on what is showing here in theaters.

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