Friday, August 21, 2015

Sinister 2

Rated R / 1 hr 37 min / Horror

What is it about?

Bughuul is back with some nasty tricks like sawing a kid in half, but it's not real. Or is it? This time he has his hooks into a woman and her two sons. She is hiding out in a creepy looking house from her abusive husband. The deputy from the original has been trying to frustrate the monster at every turn. He films himself dancing naked to "MMMBop" by Hansen everywhere he thinks the monster might be. This time there is a a woman with her two sons staying in Bughuul's chosen haunted house. The deputy wants to help remove the curse of Bughuul from their lives by using the Raid bug spray.

You will like it if...

You like blatantly average horror sequels. Despite the triumph of the original Sinister film as a unique take on the Boogey Man, this film is inexplicably a few steps backwards. There are a few scary moments in the same blood spurting vein as the original, but these are too few. Bughuul ends up being more of a side character just chilling in the corner shooting dice. His creepy ghost kids take main stage. The problem is that the child actors playing the ghosts are terrible. I could have been just as creepy by replacing the kid actors with Lego people while doing the voices for all of them myself. The two live children do a bit better, but there isn't much for them to do other than follow the ghost kids around. Presumably to tell the ghost kid actors how terrible their acting is and give them ghost wedgies. The script has some nice twists to it that are squandered. Sinister 2 is the cheaper not as attractive cousin to the original, but it may be worth a look if you can ignore the terrible acting.

Next Week

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Several minor releases set to come out next week. I'm hoping to see the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel, but not sure if it or any of the other releases will be playing here.

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