Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Writer's Guide To Just Doing It

I have been chomping at the bit to get back to doing a blog post on writing. I just needed my saddle and a jockey to jump on my back with a whip. I asked her to be gentile. OK enough about my personal life.

As the title suggests this blog post is about writers writing the words and doing something with it. Let me explain. If you are a writer then you write. That is what writers do. So why are you sitting there reading this? Go write already!

OK I get it. It is hard to come up with ideas sometimes. I am about tapped out on what to write about the world of Virtual Wars, and I'm not ready to release some of the other goodies that I want to release. That is why I am writing this post, and it brings me to the first point in this guide.

Tip #1 - Just Do It

If you aren't passionate about your current project then create or work on another one that you are passionate about. What's the point in forcing yourself to write something that is only going to cause agony in your life? Life is too short for that. Do what you want. If you have no desire to write anything then maybe you should be doing something else.

I'm not saying to abandon your current project completely just because you hit a snag or you lack motivation right now or your cat is sitting on your laptop. You have to finish your work and publish it in all it's craptacular glory. I'm just saying that sometimes you have to switch gears and work on something else that gives you life and energy. That syringe of adrenaline straight to your heart that causes the words to spew through your fingers like a marvelous orgasm.

Tip #2 - Just Do It

A lack of motivation could be due to stresses in your life that threaten to bring you down. Screw them. Put on some Puff Daddy and kick the shit out of whatever is stressing you out. Unless it's a person. We don't want to go to jail. Here I'll help, but not with hiding any bodies (I will totally help with that... maybe, but probably not.)

There are many things that you can do about stress that will help you. Writing angrily about what is stressing you is one of the ways to get it out. Exercising is another. I like to picture whatever is stressing me and shadowbox against it. I win every time by KO.

Tip #3 - Just Do It

Distractions will slow you down no matter what you are doing. That's why I've thrown my phone across the room, used duct tape on the cat's mouth, and am ignoring the latest Godzilla attack happening outside. Build a well lit padded room for yourself. It will come in handy later if they need to put you in a straight jacket. Keep all of your writing supplies nearby. Lock yourself in and write away. Just so you know I was making part of that up. I don't have a cat and I don't condone animal abuse especially abuse that involves wearing Dallas Cowboys gear.

Any kind of distraction will suck all productivity out of you like the succubus it is. The TV needs to be off. The ticking of a wall clock shut down. A leaf floating in the wind needs to be shot. As much as I love my blog and some of the stuff on here, shut down your browser and get to work already!

Tip #Eight Hundred Fourty Freaking Seven - Just Do It

I put that on my Nike shoes. Have you noticed a theme here? Why are you still here? Do I need to act like an old man and tell you kids to get off my lawn? I have a shotgun. Actually it's a confetti cannon. Well if you're not going to leave then I am. I have writing to attend to. Just make sure to flush and spray air freshener before you leave.

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