Friday, April 10, 2015

Danny Collins

Rated R / 1 hr 46 min / Comedy - Drama

What is it about?

Al Pacino plays Danny Collins in a story loosely based on a true story as part of the opening credits state. Danny Collins is a folk singer that is branded as possibly being the next John Lenin when he first started out. At the beginning he is scared to death of becoming successful, rich, and coveted by many women. He does an interview with a small music magazine that John Lenin himself reads, and decides to write a letter to Danny Collins. Fast forward 36 years later at a surprise birthday party for Danny Collins. His manager found the letter and delivers it to Danny who gets to read it for the first time. It inspires him to reexamine his life and make some changes. The first order of business is to connect with his only son who he has never met.

You will like it if...

You like dramas centered around a character that is trying to make things right. Al Pacino is still a skilled actor even though his age has caught up to him. He looks ancient and his continued attempts to pick up Annette Bening feel creepy no matter how many times she giggles at him. Perhaps that is the way it was meant to be. The entire cast is fantastic which helps to make this an interesting tale because they are all believable. Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale, and Christopher Plummer fill in the supporting roles that make the story compelling. The story itself has been done to death over and over with the strung out rock star trying to make everything right after wasting most of their life, however, it's rarely done this well. Pacino's comedy timing is good enough to bring forth a couple of chuckles, but this movie is a drama, not a comedy. The character of Danny Collins is very charming and in spite of his faults he pulls you into his plight. Danny Collins is a light bit of entertainment with a stellar cast that pulls you through a decent story if not original story. It is definitely worth picking up from Redbox if you don't see it in theaters.

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