Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two New Stories


Grim is a serial short story that is updated weekly on Mondays. The grim-reapers are tasked with helping souls reach their final destination once their bodies cease to function. They themselves are in limbo until they have made a decision between heaven or hell. One reaper in particular has lived in this role for longer than any other in history. His name in life was Thomas Bjorn. Follow his adventures as he is caught between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Chapter 1 - The Wager

These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For

Two Storm Troopers, Bob and Doug, try to make their way through Star Wars Episode 4 without being killed by the rebels or themselves. Bob is a war hero from The Clone Wars, but he suffered a head injury in the fray. He now is a bit eccentric. Doug is his loyal second in command. He doesn't question any orders no matter how rediculous. The first chapter was posted on Star Wars day May the Fourth, and the rest will be posted as I finish each chapter.

Chapter 1 - Mos Eisley

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