Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lego Movie

Rated PG / 1 hr 40 min / Animation - Action - Comedy

What is it about?

President Business has obtained a weapon that puts fear into the hearts of all men..  Lego men. It's called the Kragle. His plan is to unleash it and end the world. There is a prophesy that a master builder will find the "Piece of Resistance". That builder will be the most creative, interesting, and special person in the whole world. Several years pass. Introduce an ordinary construction worker named Emmet. He finds the Piece of Resistance, and is now expected to be the person from the prophecy. The problem is that he doesn't have the slightest clue what he's doing.

You will like it if...

You go to see it. It is an instant classic movie about the building blocks that most of us grew up playing with and loved. There are two things that detract from this movie. The animation can be jerky at times, but not as bad as South Park. The bright colors of the bricks can take some getting used to as well.  Everything else in this movie is fantastic. The animation can be amazing at times when you consider the fact that they strictly used Lego bricks. The script is hilarious. It has laughs almost from start to finish. There are parts in it that are emotional once you get closer to the end that fills the gap between laughs. This movie captures what it means to love the brightly colored building blocks. Many of you know that I love Legos. Maybe I'm a bit biased. This movie was everything that I could have hoped for and more.This is a movie that parents can take their children to see, and end up enjoying it themselves.

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