Saturday, July 6, 2013

Despicable Me 2

Rated PG / 1 hr 38 min / Animation - Comedy - Crime

What's it about?

Beee Doh Beee Doh Beee Doh!  Yes Gru is back with his adorable phonetically challenged yellow minions.  He has retired from being a supervillain, and is now trying to start a homemade jelly/jam business.  The Anti-Villain League recruits him to help stop another supervillain who they are having a hard time locating. 

You will like it if...

You liked the first one.  It's basically more of the same.  The minions are just as cute and funny as they were in the first movie.  They didn't fall into the trap that has plagued the Ice Age franchise.  The minions have been worked into the story, and help move it along with their jokes added in.  The squirell in the Ice Age franchize keeps getting added in for seemingly no reason other than someone thinks it's cute/funny, but it adds almost nothing to the story.  Unfortunately they do try to add a romance angle for Gru which is painfully forced into the movie.  Overall it's a cookie cutter animated movie with some funny moments, but it's not anything special.


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