Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Rated R / 1 hr 44 mins / Comedy

What is it about?

Ari Gold is on a mission to talk fast and kick ass. He retired, but then convinced his wife to let him return to work as long as he has fun doing it. So now when he curses someone out for messing with him he says "Weeeeeee" afterwards. He has been offered the job of being the head of a major motion picture studio. Of course for his first film he wants Vincent Chase to star. Vince won't do it unless he can direct and gets to throw a party with several partially clothed women. Fast forward several months. The film is almost done, but they are over budget and need more money to finish it. Apparently the CGI animated dancing penguins cost a lot in his update of Mary Poppins. Ari goes to Texas to speak with Billy Bob Thornton who is financing the film. He wants his son to see the film before he approves any more money. He makes it clear that if his son isn't happy then he will take a dump on the film then put it in a paper bag, place it on Tom Cruise's doorstep, and set it on fire.

You will like it if...

You liked the original Entourage TV Series. The film is like one long episode of the original series. Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold was always the most entertaining character in the series and he gets an opportunity to shine again. Each of the side characters in the entourage gets their own subplot. Johnny Drama is still summoning his inner Rodney Dangerfield. Vincent gets to sit there and be pretty. He feels like a minor character even though he is cast as the "star" since everyone else steals every scene he's in. Turtle gets to drink slim fast and chase Ronda Rousey's rabbit. Eric gets to play Hugh Heffner while his ex is pregnant with his child. Some parts of the storyline seem way over the top, but the rest is interesting enough to keep you entertained. Much of it seems like it is unresolved at the end, but the original show was similar in nature. Bottom line is that if you are a fan of the series then you must see this film. It is a fitting send off for the cast, but they leave it open for a sequel just in case it does well in the box office. If you missed out on the series then I would suggest checking it out first. You don't need to see the series first, but there is a lot of back story you will miss out on if you skip it.

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