Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Rated R / 2 hr 5 min / Drama - Romance

What is it about?

The book that all of the women I know were passing around early last year is now a movie. College student Anastasia Steele is asked by her roommate to interview billionaire Christian Grey. He shows an interest in her, but then pushes her away when she begins to reciprocate. He finds that he is incapable of leaving her alone. The problem is that he doesn't date or engage in romantic relationships. He offers her a contract. He agrees to offer himself and all the perks of being with a billionaire in exchange for her being submissive to his sexual needs. He shows her his "play room" which has a wide variety of hancuffs, rope, and whips.

You will like it if...

You like romance movies that are short on the romance but have many sex scenes. The main character Anastasia is naked for the majority of the movie. I'm not complaining as she has a nice body, but for the women they almost exclusively show Mr. Grey with his shirt off. I think the director was thinking of all the men that were going to be dragged by significant others to go see this movie. The chemistry between the two main characters feels real, but Mr. Grey comes off as a bit creepy. The dialogue is all over the place. Some parts you can see the two flirting in a natural way, but in other parts it is bad to the point of being campy. For all of the bluster about the shocking sex scenes in the book, the movie seems pretty tame in comparison to what I've heard. I haven't read the books myself, so I can't make a true comparison. Fifty Shades of Grey ends up being an average romance movie with lots of nudity and sex.

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