Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taken 3

PG-13 / 1 hr 49 min / Action - Crime - Thriller

What is it about?

In this third edition of Taken, Liam Neeson reprises his role as Bryan Mills. His ex-wife meets up with him to say that she is having problems with her current husband. They are trying to work things out, but she still thinks of Bryan. She texts him to meet at his place for bagels. He goes to pick some up. When he gets home, the ex-wife is already there and the door is unlocked. He steps on a knife that appears to have blood on it. He finds her in his bedroom with her throat slit. While trying to check her pulse, the police burst in to arrest him.

You will like it if...

You liked the second Taken movie. Just like the previous movies the action is front and center. There are a lot of jump cuts in the fight and action scenes that gives the illusion of speed, but it also makes it hard to see exactly what is going on at times. It's like watching a flip book where each frame doesn't really match up with the previous frame. The script tries to be clever, but there are too many holes in it to succeed. Liam and Forrest do their usual serviceable jobs, but it seems like they are winking at each other when they interact. Even with all of the issues, the movie still manages to be entertaining. It could have easily been a much better movie than it ended up being. If you love Liam Neeson movies then this is a decent one to go see, otherwise it's just your average action/thriller.

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