Thursday, November 27, 2014

Penguins of Madagascar

Rated PG / 1 hr 32 min / Action - Adventure - Comedy

What is it about?

This movie picks up right after the last Madagascar movie. I think it was Madagascar 236843. It was the one where they sang about circus afros through half of the movie. Anyway the Penguins finally get their long overdue spinoff movie. Their first course of action is to break into Fort Knox to get some golden goodness. A vending machine inside is the last place place to get a special cheesy poof which is their present for Private's birthday. An evil Octopus named Dave kidnaps the penguins and then unveils his plan to get revenge on all penguins who are too cute. The penguins escape and then are rescued by a group of spy-animals known as The North Wind. Now they have competition for who will save the other penguins from the clutches of Dave.

You will like it if...

You enjoyed the antics of the penguins in the other Madagascar movies. They undeniably have more charm than the now stale original Madagascar cast. The story in this iteration of the Madagascar franchise doesn't make any sense in spots, but it's a kids movie so move on already. Also that's part of the charm of the penguins to begin with. It's still packed with enough fun and laughs to keep the young ones entertained. The rivalry with The North Wind doesn't add as much to the movie as it should. The penguins are more entertaining when they are on their own trying to solve a problem, and the script fails to extend their charm past that. It's still better than the last couple of Madagascar movies. Unless you're a fan or have little ones that want to see it, I would wait for it to show up on Redbox.

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