Thursday, April 10, 2014

Draft Day

Rated PG-13 / 1 hr 49 min / Drama - Sports

What is it about?

Kevin Costner plays the General Manager for the Cleveland Browns who have the 7th pick in the NFL draft. Early in the morning he is contacted by the General Manager of the Seattle Seahawks who have the first pick. They work out a deal to trade the first overall pick to Cleveland for Cleveland's first round picks for this year and the next two years. All of this for a can't miss Quarterback prospect from Wisconsin Bo Callahan, but is he really as good as everyone seems to think?  Is he worth mortgaging the team's future to get the first pick?

You will like it if...

You like watching the NFL draft and are interested in some of the behind the scenes dealings. The movie is interesting in the aspect of seeing the wheeling and dealing behind the scenes of an NFL team. You get to see a bit of this kind of action in Moneyball with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Jennifer Garner is sprinkled in for flavor and to add an unneeded love interest. The acting for the most part is good. Costner is believable and entertaining, but he isn't as good as Brad Pitt was in Moneyball. I don't think that is a fair comparison because the script in Moneyball was so much better. There are several parts of this script that do not make any sense at all. It's hard to make a movie like this and get all the details right. People who don't pay attention to the real NFL draft might not catch them, but the main audience for this movie will be fans of the NFL. The movie is entertaining, but not as good as the previews make it look.

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