Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Projects

When starting a new project there is so much excitement and joy.  I feel like I can write the entire story in one sitting.  Unfortunately that is not the case!  It takes several weeks and sometimes months of work to complete the first draft.  That doesn't include the time it takes to edit, format, design the cover, etc.  Then there is the promotion that is needed to help sell it.

Last week I asked what you all thought about my project ideas, and which one I should write next.  The Curse and Grimm seem to be the stories that are generating the most interest.  I have plans on what I am going to do with both of those that I will share in a moment.  I also did not mention my plans for the projects that I am currently working on.

Before I go into that let me recap my week in writing!  I finished editing chapter 7 and started on 8.  Chapter 8 starts off with a ton of exposition.  A conversation between two of the main characters was mentioned, and I thought, "Instead of all of this info dump, why don't I write out this conversation?"  I have written about half of the conversation out, and it is turning out to be much better than what I had written before.  I am still getting the information to the reader and it is easier to read.  Mission accomplished! Now let's talk about my plans for these new projects!

Publishing on Amazon

Virtual Wars: Initialization

This is the first book of the Virtual Wars trilogy.  I also have three short stories that I plan to release for free in a collection called "Booting Up".  I am going to start making posts about the background and history of the world for this series.  They will be posted here on the blog for your reading enjoyment!  A friend of mine said it sounded like a mix between The Hunger Games and Ender's Game when I described it to him.  That is the shortest synopsis I can provide for the series.  This first book follows Miri Stapleton who is a teenager that is trying to find his way in the world.  He is about to enter into the equivalent of high school.  He finds that many things aren't what they seem.  He gets sucked into a world of intrigue and danger while trying to deal with the normal stress of being an awkward high school student.

Untitled Kindle Worlds Project - Wool

I have a rough outline worked out for this.  It takes place after the events in Dust which is the finale in the Wool saga.  Hugh Howey has crafted an intricate world, and I can't wait to dive into it!  This project follows a man in his early 20's who has been paralyzed from the waist down.  He grew up around and has worked in the farms his whole life.  He is sucked into a murder/mystery when one of his friends is brutally murdered.  I may also follow the silo's detective as he investigates the murder as well as the murderer.

Virtual Wars: Running

Book two of the Virtual Wars series.   In the aftermath of the first book the stakes are raised.  I started this series based off a dream that I had several years ago.  The dream sequence takes place early in this book.  I can't wait to write it!  There will be a lot more action and suspense in this sequel.  I have found that the second book in most of my favorite trilogies is my favorite of all.  I think that will be the case for this one as well.

The Curse

I posted a short description for this one last week.  I have a fantastic opening sequence that I have written several times. 

Publishing on Wattpad

The Ghost

This is the story I have been updating weekly.  When I finish the first episode of this, I will move on to the next series that I want to post on Wattpad. 


I posted a short desciption of this one recently.  I  plan on posting it on wattpad with weekly updates similar to what I have done with The Ghost story.  If either of these become popular then I will publish a more polished version of these stories on Amazon.

Star Wars Fanfic

I am writing this for the Fourth of May.  I haven't started writing this as of yet, but I plan to publish it on wattpad on Star Wars day.  I have been planning this for the past five or six months.  I don't have an outline for this one yet.  It will be a sci-fi comedy/adventure.




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