Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Currently Reading: Legend

Author: Marie Lu

I'm not really sure what this one is about, but I heard some good things about it.  It looked like something I might enjoy, so we'll see!

The Shadow of Wrath

Author: L.W. Patricks

I just finished reading this tale that about a boy who is taken from the streets, and forced to fight for his life in an arena.  I noticed several errors in the text that distracted me at times throughout the story, and many of them are at or near the beginning.  Some scenes are beautifully crafted while others could have used another edit.  It is still an entertaining read if you can force yourself past the errors.  

Patricks crafts a dark world.  There is no escape.  If something bad can happen then it probably will.  The author tries to show you just how evil the villain is at every turn.  The setup makes it seem like the ending is predictable.  Patricks leads you in one direction for so long that you don't expect it when it goes in another.  If you enjoyed Gladiator or Spartacus then you may enjoy this as well.  In fact a few of the scenes feel like they are pulled straight from Gladiator.  

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