Friday, March 22, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen

Rated R / Runtime 1 hr 59 min. / Drama, Action & Adventure

The trailer for this movie sets it up pretty well.  Gerard Butler plays Secret Service agent Mike Banning that is assigned to the President played by Aaron Eckhart.  There is a car accident which results in the president's life being saved, but the first lady dies.  Flash forward to a year and a half later.  Rick Yune plays Kang who is the head of security for a South Korean representative.  He turns out to be the bad guy, and he kidnaps the president.

Gerard Butler is entertaining to watch as usual.  He is a one man wrecking machine, and everyone that could possibly steal his thunder is quickly killed off once the action starts.  Eckhart plays his usual role where he is there to resist the bad guy, but he's not really there to save the day.  Rick Yune plays a decent enough bad guy.  He looks menacing when needed, and the script provides enough death to make you think that people shouldn't mess with him.

The problem with this movie is the script plain and simple.  There are so many moments in this movie that make no sense that I don't know where to start.  You really have to turn your brain off to enjoy this one.  Once that is done, it's a decent action movie.  Gerard easily steals the show, and the script doesn't really give anyone else much chance to do anything other than worry about the President.  My only other gripe is the way the fight scenes are shot and edited.  They did a bunch of close up jump cuts during most of the fist fights.  The gun fights flow pretty well.  Unfortunately the fist fights are mostly a mess where you see a flash of movement and hear men grunting.  You can't really tell what happened half the time, but the bad guy dies.

In the end it's a decent action movie with a good cast of characters.  Unfortunately someone's dog chewed up the script, so we were left with this.

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Christina P. said...

Loving your blog, buddy! It's really coming together.

And great synopsis on this movie. Makes me want to go see it!

See ya later! :)