You Are Poor

Without a place to live or bathe at you lose whatever job you had and no respectable place will hire a lazy bum who can't pay their bills. You could find work for slave wages that is more dangerous, but it will keep you busy for 12 hours a day so you won't think about how hopeless your situation is. Then you can use your wages to purchase 2 packets of Ketchup and some water to survive.

Charities are run like businesses where 5% or less of the donations actually go to help the broke and homeless. They are not much help except for the 1 meal a month and new clothing twice a year. There is simply not enough to go around with all of the other panhandlers around.

Eventually it is not enough as your health fades from malnutrition. You are found in a gutter. Just another lazy bum who did not work hard enough to make something of themselves in Libertaria.

Start Over.

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