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You have reached the dedicated page for Night Reads! Night Reads is a show dedicated to works of fiction on Facebook/YouTube. News and updates will be posted here for those of you who like to keep updated. Currently taking submissions for Season 2!

What's New?

Season 1 was set up to give longer live broadcast readings through Periscope which required the use of the front facing camera on my phone. Of course that meant low quality, but a higher chance of interaction. I will be abandoning Periscope to better integrate with Facebook and YouTube. There are a few changes because of this that should make the overall experience better. Below is a list of changes.
  • Shorter readings - My hope is that people will take specific excepts from their works to highlight the strongest parts of it.
  • No Ads - YouTube requires that I put ads on any video of more than 15 minutes. By cutting down on the reading time I hope to cut out the ads.
  • Better quality video and audio - Lighting in previous episodes and using a lower quality camera plagued the quality of these recordings for season 1. I have upgraded the camera, lighting, and microphone used for this program going forward. 
  • Better Editing - I have better video editing software this time around as well. This should help with cutting out a lot of the errors that were prevalent in previous recordings. My hope is that this will make for a smoother viewing experience going forward.
  • More conversational approach - I'm going to make this less about readings and more talking about great books. I want to feature books in a positive light.

Most Recent Episode

Otto Von Trapezoid and the Empress of Thieves by Jesse Baruffi
 Genre - Science Fiction, Comedy, Romance
Audience - Adult

Next Episode

No episodes scheduled at this time. If you are an author wishing to participate then please check out the submissions guidelines at the following link:

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